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Lightings trend of 2016 in Vietnam

There is always the perfect time to upgrade your home’s interior design. Luckily, you don’t have to completely renovate your home to refresh your beloved living spaces. Simple upgrades and decorative accents can make a big impact and reflect the “new you”! And lighting is a key architectural and design element in a home. If you’re looking for a fairly simple way to give your space an update, refreshing lighting fixtures can take your space’s style to the next level.

At the present, people usually choose lamps basing on their materials; however, there are plenty of materials on the market and you do not know which one is the best . Here are 3 types which are on-trend interiors in Vietnam and An Duy interior company are also professional manufacture of these decorating lamps.

1. Wooden Lamps

Wooden Lamps can be made from many kinds of wood. In Anduy interior, we always use the best kind for your lamps. Here are a few of our new products.


  • Material: Tree trunk
  • Type: decorating lamp (big size, medium size)
  • Suitable for house with tropical style, scandinavian style,…

Lightings trend of 2016 in Vietnam

  • Material: Tree trunk and coarse fabric
  • Type: decorating lamp
  • Suitable for tropical style, ethnic style,..

 Lightings trend of 2016 in Vietnam

  • Material: Natural wood (oak, walnut), iron
  • Type: decorating lamp
  • Suitable for modern style, ethnic style 

2. Bamboo Craft Lightings

In the early 20th century, most houses, beds, and household were made from bamboo and rattan. The crafts were also utilized to produce instruments, boat, birdcages, and other useful items. During that era, along with huge bamboo and rattan tree forest in Vietnam, crafting from bamboo and rattan was a valuable and respected skill. Nowadays, bamboo and rattan products are worked into more modern designs, included decorating lamps.

Lightings trend of 2016 in Vietnam Lightings trend of 2016 in Vietnam
  • Material : poonah-paper
  • Type: decorating lamp (ceiling lamp, table lamp)
  • Suitable for ethnic style, scandinavian style,.

3. Lacquer Lightings

History has yet to reveal just how long Asia has been defining and redefining the technique in which lacquer and its byproducts are produced. Popularized during the dynasty periods of India and China, and later perfected by the early empires of Korea and Japan, lacquer ware can perhaps be considered Asia’s most significant contribution to the world in fine art.

In Phu Tho province, located in the heart of Northern Vietnam, there is a tradition of harvesting lacquer, which dates back more than twenty centuries. Obtaining the lacquer and crafting lacquer wares is a process that requires knowledge, patience, ingenuity and foresight. The final product must be pleasing to the eye and not lack in quality of design, usefulness and durability. Thus in Vietnam, lacquer lamps soon became a symbol of tradition.

Lightings trend of 2016 in Vietnam Lightings trend of 2016 in Vietnam
  • Material: Lacquer
  • Type: decorating lamp (floor lamp, table lamp)
  • Suitable for tropical and modern style

We have design department, which will help your ideas both suit for model decorate style and classical decorate style, we also can according your blueprint or your sample to create your design well. Make your home a piece of fine art today.

If you’re still wondering, we offer free advice always and guarantee to support you the best with our sologan “Every inch we care”.

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